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All of our Inflatable Slides are NEW and cleaned after every use!

We offer the BEST and LARGEST SELECTION of inflatable water slide rentals on Long Island! Call us Today!

To place a rent request, please contact us today.

For ALL Water Slides, Customer must supply WATER AND THE HOSE. Make sure your hose reaches set up area for water slides


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Aqua Blaster Water Course - Order #W2

Our New Aqua Blaster Combo gives the kids everything they are looking for and more. Kids start out by racing and navigating through the field of pop up obstacles, then they plunge forward through the tunnel slide, as they get up it's not over as they still have dodge through more obstacles and finally proceeding up the stairs and racing down the super slide splashing into the pool of water at the bottom. And yes Moms we bought the safety anti slip material for this unit. Again Jump And Slide never cuts corners when it comes to safety!

Dimensions: 15' W x 25' L.

Watch the Video!

The Big Kahuna Water Slide - Order #W3

This exciting water slide will have you rolling and sliding fast into a huge puddle of water at the end.
Dimensions: 36' L x 15' W

Curvy Water Slide with Pool - order #W4

Perfect for all parties. This exciting waterslide has a curve that all kids seem to love as they go sliding around it.Once they come off of the curve they slide straight in the pool of water at the bottom.

13 wide by 18 long

Corkscrew Water Slide - Order #W5

Watch the Video!

Introducing the Corkscrew Waterslide with pool, Long Island’s most thrilling waterslide! With its extreme height and over 45' of slick slippery adventure! Get up enough guts and begin to climb the stairway to heaven! Make it to the top, sit down, and take a deep breath. Slide, splash, twist, scream, turn 180 degrees and hit the water in disbelief! Land safely in the pool saying oh my god, let's do that again!!
Dimensions: 28' Lx 24' W

Double Screamer Slide - Order #W6

The Impressive Double Lane Screamer Water Slide is Guaranteed Fun!And it's Not Just For The Young!Kids start climbing up together in the center of the waterslide when the reach the top they break left or right and race each other all the way to the bottom to splash down in the water. 22x25 feet long.

View 3d Image

Double Tsunami Water Slide - order #W7

The thriller of all inflatable waterslides! This slide is exactly the same as the Wet and Wild, only themed differently! Two people at a time begin their journey as they climb the steepest steps of any water slide out there. Feel your heart pound with anticipation as you continue to climb. Watch the birds flying next to you as you reach the top. Pick your lanes and ready, set, go! Hear the screams and feel the rush as you finally reach the bottom! You’ll sling shot down the runway to the end. You and your friend will be soaking wet and will be dying to do it all over again! Having this unit is like having an amusement park in your personal yard without those obnoxious lines! This unit books fast so make sure you call today! 631-321-7977. DIMENSIONS: 13x65 Ft area for set up.


Wet N Wild 2 Lane Water Slide - Order #W8

Our 65 foot Wet N Wild will have your guests coming back year after year.It features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as the riders race down side by side in separate safe lanes.They will be screaming with excitement.As they reach bottom,the riders will continue down 26 feet of slick aqua lanes.This water combo will be the highlight of any event.Reserve it fast before its booked up. Dimensions length 65 feet /width 13 feet.



Wild 2 Lane Slip and Slide- Order #W8A

35 Feet Long with 2 slippery wet lanes for kids and adults to race each other, sliding all the way to a cool pool filled with water. Dimensions: 9' wide by 31' long.


Hawaiian Double Lane Slip N Slide With Pool - Order #W9

The longest slide of your life!Race your buddies down 40 feet of slick aqua acceleration!And then make a big splash landing in a pool filled with water.So much fun! This slide is great for all events large or small. Dimensions 40 feet by 12 wide 9 ft high.

Surf the Wave - Order #W10

This two lane Slip and Slide will provide hours of wet and wild racing!
Dimensions: 36' L x 11' W

View 3d Image

Monster Wave with Pool - Order #W11

The Monster Wave DUAL Lane Water Slide is a huge water slide with pool at the bottom. With 28 foot long sliding lanes, you'll have a blast sliding down this wet and wild adventure!
Dimensions: 25' L x 16' W

Beware! Most rental companies who offer the Monster Wave water slide or the Wild rapids water slide do not have at the bottom a pool filled with water. They have something called a splash landing AT THE BOTTOM, which simply is a flat surface where water collects. 1/2 the price to buy and 1/2 the fun. Before you book with another company ask them how deep the pool water is? See how they scramble to avoid answering the question. We have the pool at the bottom which everybody loves.

Wild Rapids 2 Lane with Pool - Order #W12

Experience the thrill of riding the rapids down this wet mountain of fun. Riders shoot down individual sliding lanes where they encounter the thrill of a rapids before making a soft splash landing. This beautiful Water Slide will blow your guests away!
Dimensions: 25' L x 16' W

Watch the Video!

Tropical Monster Water Slide - Order #W13

Exciting tropical paradise water slide. This slide will get the adrenaline pumping as riders come sliding down the tropical lanes of paradise. They will end up in a small pool of water at the bottom. This slide is perfect for hawaiian parties or the perfect luau - and remember JUMP AND SLIDE MEANS GUARANTEED FUN AND NOT JUST FOR THE YOUNG!
Dimensions: 32' L x 17' W

Dolphin Rip N Dip Water Slide - Order #W14

2 people race down and hit the 2 humps built into the each sliding lane. Then they shoot you down the slippery fast slide into the chills of the cool pool. The 2 lanes keep kids and adults happy all day long without having to wait on long lines at the waterparks. This one is guaranteed fun and not just for the young!
Dimensions: 34' L x 11' W

Two Lane Rainbow Tunnel Water Slide - Order #W15

The Two Lane Rainbow Tunnel Water Slide is a Sunny Palm Tree/Rainbow slide that will GET YOU WET! Kids will love to slide down the tunnel into a big splash pool waiting for them at the bottom.

Dimensions: 28' Lx 12' W

High Tower Water Slide - Order #W16

Watch as they climb up, and see them come splashing down the water slide to land in a small pool of water at the bottom.
Dimensions: 28' L x 11' W

Bounce And Double Dip with Pool. - Order #W17

Our new Bounce N Double Dip Castle With Pool is one of the safest water bounce combos in the industry.It solves the problem of the bounce area being to slick when used with water. For years customers asked me how come other companies have these Water BOUNCER Combo's and you don't? I always told them most other companies don't care about safety! all they care about is making a profit they buy cheap inflatables overseas.Every one knows how slippery vinyl can get when wet! Jump And Slide is all about Safety.We found a place in the United States to incorporate specially built heavy duty NON SKID material on the entrance ramp and on the jumping area to prevent kids from slipping.Enter the bouncer, jump a little to you get hot then 2 kids race up 2 separate ladders inside the unit.When they reach the top they race each other down the exciting slippery fast water slide lanes and make a big splash in the pool of water at the bottom.All kids and adults love this Safe unit rent yours today by calling now! Dimensions length 38 feet/ width 14 feet.

Fire and Ice 2 Story 2 Lane Water Slide - Order #W18

Introducing our NEW FAST aNd FURIOUS Fire And Ice two lane water slide with pool.

This is the first two story water slides that let kids decide from what height they want to slide down.

Climb up the ladder and stop at the first platform or if you are brave enough climb your way up to the

Second story, sit down and start sliding down and whipping around the turn and splashing into a pool of ice cold water. Take our advice RENT THE "ICE" TODAY!
Dimensions: 34' L x 17' W

Watch the Video!

Lava Twist - Order #W19

The thriller of all waterslides.You wanted big and scary you got it!!!! We introduce to you The NEWEST,FASTEST,CRAZIEST Waterslide yet. 2 lanes of molten Hot lava fun…2 different heights to choose from. Whichever lane you choose it will be some screaming fun. Slide all the way down and hit the 90 Degree and high bank off the wall and splash around hitting the water and landing safely in the pool. Dimensions: 30' wide by 50' long

THIS IS THE HOTTEST...YET COOLEST WATERSLIDE ON Long Island. We only have one so call today don't delay! And Have the Best Day Ever!!!! 631-321-7977

Pirate Water Slide AND Bouncer - Order #W20

Jump And Slide brings you a winning combination of Bouncing and Sliding down a waterslide inflatable with pool.Pirate party?This pirate inflatable waterslide and Pirate bouncer combo is the perfect combination for any inflatable rental party on Long Island.Kids will be entertained for hours. DON'T DELAY CALL JUMP AND SLIDE TODAY 631-321-7977

31 feet long 14 feet wide and approximately 16 feet tall

The Big Splash - Order #G1

Fun for everyone! The big splash is a great alternative to the dunk tank. It creates a fun and safe environment which is inclusive of all! Including people with disabilities, senior citizens, children, and people who may be a bit larger in size. Simply sit in any folding chair as the players try to hit the target with soft water foam balls. Once they hit the target you will be getting soaked!! This game is great for parties, fund-raisers, corporate, community events, carnivals, camps, promotions and so much more!

Water Blaster Challenge - order #G2

Can be used WET or DRY!

This NEW exciting water game will get EVERYONE INVOLVED. It's a race to see who can pump the fastest filling the opponent's balloons with water that is placed high above their heads. It's a SOAKING SURPRISE as they look up to see how far you got and then SPLASH!SOAK AND WET WITH LAUGHTER.2 or 4 people can play at a time. Great way to cool off. Requires customer hose and water.

Customer to supply 8 or 9 inch balloons.

Water Battle Arena - Order #G3

This exciting new Water Battle Arena is perfect for any event or party. Anyone can play with no physical, age, or size restrictions! Two or Four people can play at a time. Players go to their battle stations and prepare for war, with water balloons. Each side launches water balloon bombs in the enclosed arena at the opposing person or team. The high flying projectiles burst in the netting, which causes the water balloons to rain down on the other teams’ players! On any hot day everyone will want to play! This exciting new game comes with a filing and tie station to make it easy be prepared for battle! Just attach your garden hose to the station and get ready to have a blast! Call now and reserve today before it is too late! Dimensions 45 feet long by 13 feet wide.

Customer to supply all the water balloons!


Water Dodgeball is an exciting new inflatable game. Great for school inflatable parties, backyard inflatable parties, block parties or any type of Long Island Inflatable party. Throw the ball to hit the targets and blast the people in the spray zone. The unlucky people in the spray zone dodge to avoid getting soaked. It's great fun for 2-6 Players kids AND Adults. Don't delay call today 631 321-7977

18 feet length 12 feet wide 12 feet height

Easy Dunker Dunk Tanks

Our Easy Dunker dunking tanks have been delighting crowds for years. The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic, or dunking the local "celebrity" at fund raising events has become an American pastime. The Easy Dunker has always been a favorite at fairs, carnivals, and block parties. Read More

Must have 6 foot opening in fence to place in backyard or it may be set up on front driveway. We cannot lift dink tank over any fence.